Interview With Matthew Fisch - Founder & CEO at FortMesa

Explore the insightful journey of FortMesa, a cybersecurity innovator, as CEO Matthew Fisch discusses the company's origin, unique partner enablement approach, and strategies for effective cyber risk management. Read the full conversation to discover FortMesa's commitment to addressing global cybersecurity challenges.


In an insightful interview with SafetyDetectives, Matthew Fisch, Founder and CEO of FortMesa, shares the journey that led to the creation of the company. With a background in management consulting and cybersecurity advisory, Fisch identified the rising demand for cyber risk management and the shortage of expertise in the field. This prompted the development of software solutions empowering individuals with technology proficiency to navigate cybersecurity complexities. FortMesa's unique partner enablement approach collaborates with service providers, delivering cost-optimized solutions and educating end customers. Fisch emphasizes the importance of following established standards and the role of service providers as crucial liaisons in this process, providing valuable insights into FortMesa's commitment to tackling global cybersecurity challenges.

Read the whole interview here.


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