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FortMesa Empowers IT Providers with Educational Workshops for Cybersecurity Service Excellence

FortMesa empowers IT providers with educational workshops to enhance cybersecurity service delivery. Gain valuable insights and skills to excel in sales, service delivery, and organizational culture.

SPENCERTOWN, N.Y., Monday January 29th, 2024 – FortMesa, a dedicated channel-only solution committed to simplifying cybersecurity service delivery and empowering service providers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its comprehensive educational Workshops. 

FortMesa's platform serves as a powerful ally for IT providers seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity offerings. The newly introduced educational Workshops aim to further equip service providers with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in cybersecurity sales and service delivery.

The workshops cover three key areas:

  • Marketing and Sales:
    • Cyber Pricing & Packaging
    • Prepare for the Win
    • Talking about Cyber
  • Service Delivery:
    • Vulnerability Management (VMaaS)
    • Cyber Risk Management
    • Map the Stack, be the vCISO
  • Operations and Culture:
    • Hiring for Security Mindset
    • Building Security Processes
    • Becoming the Trusted Advisor in Cyber
    • Building Security Culture and Leadership in your Organization

Each workshop is carefully crafted to address specific challenges in cybersecurity sales, service delivery, and organizational culture. Participants will gain valuable insights, practical skills, and actionable strategies to enhance their overall cybersecurity capabilities.

Learn more about FortMesa's Workshops here.

About FortMesa:

FortMesa, a channel-only solution, is built to simplify cybersecurity service delivery and empower service providers. FortMesa’s software enables service providers all over the world to own their customer’s cybersecurity roadmap by making service delivery, evidencing, and planning easy. FortMesa helps to grow customer trust, fortify systems, and navigate cyber compliance.

Key people:

Matthew Fisch, CISSP


FortMesa, Inc.

+1 518 444 4181


Zachary Keeney

Co-Founder/ Channel Sales Director

FortMesa, Inc.

(314) 971-9669

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