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FortMesa Launches a Gradient Integration for Enhanced Billing and Alert Capabilities


SPENCERTOWN, N.Y., Thursday July 27th, 2023 – FortMesa, a leading provider of security enablement tools for IT service providers, is thrilled to announce the launch of its Gradient MSP integration. Gradient MSP’s Synthesize platform is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the management of billing and alerts relating to the MSPs toolkit, helping to shine light on the most profitable and opportunistic tools in their stack.


By combining FortMesa's and Gradient´s expertise, service providers can now experience a streamlined, automated, and more accurate billing process, alongside comprehensive alert monitoring without requiring multiple management consoles or hours of manual administration effort.


Through the integration, MSPs gain access to a user-friendly interface that gives business owners a high-level view of their entire billing process, helping to minimize the time and resources dedicated to reconciliation, and identifying opportunities to restructure billable service bundles.


“We are excited that we´ll be able to offer this integration to our partners. The Gradient integration enables verification and strategic mining of billing data, as well as an optimized cross mapping when targeting the alerts to the correct customer queue” said Matthew Fisch, Founder and CEO of FortMesa.


“Gradient is thrilled to welcome FortMesa to our Synthesize integration network,” says Colin Knox, CEO and Co-founder of Gradient MSP. “With this seamless integration, FortMesa partners can now streamline and expedite their billing reconciliation processes and make sure they never miss an alert, empowering them to prioritize the customer experience and scale their business.”


The FortMesa integration into the Gradient MSP ecosystem is now available to existing and new clients. To learn more about the billing and alert functionalities or to schedule a demo, please visit here.


About FortMesa:

FortMesa enables MSPs and other IT service providers to own their clients' cybersecurity roadmap, reduce risk, and maintain continuous compliance.


About Gradient MSP:

Established in 2020, Gradient MSP offers the IT channel ecosystem an integration platform proven to help MSPs run a smoother, more successful services business by connecting all the solutions they resell and use to their PSA of choice for billing and alerting. Gradient created the Synthesize Platform to reduce the back-office noise that distracts MSPs from growing their business and strengthening customer relationships.


Key people:

Matthew Fisch, CISSP


FortMesa, Inc.

+1 518 444 4181


Colin Knox

Co-founder & CEO

Gradient MSP

+1 888 672 6079

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