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FortMesa is excited to announce its commitment to the IT service provider community by offering a one-year, internal use of NFR access to its most popular features exclusively.


SPENCERTOWN, N.Y., Wednesday October 11th, 2023- In celebration of Cyber Awareness Month, FortMesa, the security enablement platform, is proud to announce its commitment to equipping IT providers with the tools they need to to build customer trust, fortify systems, and navigate cyber compliance. FortMesa's mission goes beyond simply assisting customers in achieving cybersecurity standards. The company is dedicated to informing and helping customers in their cybersecurity investment decision-making process, ensuring that every dollar spent or hour of labor invested maximizes risk reduction.

Working in collaboration with CompTIA’s Cybersecurity Trustmark program. FortMesa, provides a comprehensive solution to measure trustmark readiness through rapid gap analysis. Then helps in the creation of detailed plans to remediate control gaps, ultimately preparing organizations for certification by collecting the required evidence.

To celebrate this special month, FortMesa is pleased to offer a one-year, internal use of NFR access to its most popular features exclusively for qualified service providers. This exceptional opportunity enables service providers to explore and harness the full potential of FortMesa's capabilities.

To learn more about FortMesa's groundbreaking security enablement toolset and secure your NFR, please visit

Join us in celebrating Cyber Awareness Month by taking advantage of this limited-time offer!

About FortMesa: FortMesa is a leading security enablement toolset designed to empower IT service providers to build and scale their cyber practice. By delivering expert guidance, tools, and insights, FortMesa helps organizations in achieving and maintaining compliance, minimizing risk, and making informed cybersecurity investment decisions.


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